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Here you will find information & resources, for individuals who seek to protect themselves and others, by acquiring the skills needed to succeed in a violent altercation.

We are not concerned with competitions or tournaments.

- Sifu Wayde Ching

Martial Arts Lineage

Aikido I began my Aikido training in the Summer of 1977. The name of my teacher was Sensei Seichi  Tabata , who's instructor was Koichi Tohei. Tohei Sense's Instructor was Moriehei Ueshiba, who was the founder of … [Read More...]

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It is inherent in Wing Chun Kung Fu after hours of training , that the forearms become desensitized. Hundreds of punches thrown, received by hundreds of blocks can create a almost indestructible arm. In Thai boxing training the shins against banana … [Read More...]